Feels like home for Family of Five

Be Fremantle is the perfect style hotel/apartment for a family. With a family of 3 young boys, we prefer more space over lush amenities when we travel. We had 3 floors with 3 separate bedrooms. This provided plenty of space for the boys to wrestle while we enjoyed the view solo downstairs. The unit was stocked with laundry soap and all items necessary for a kitchen. We only need provide the food. They also had a take-away breakfast option that was well priced for the amount of food given. A child under 10 cannot eat all the items. It is well worth the money if you do not have food with you on the first morning. We didn’t have to wake and hunt for food in town while half-groggy from a late arrival the night before.

As for the location, it is a good walk to the nearest grocery. I found an great local Italian grocery in the mid-town area about a 1 mile walk. I would highly recommend the local grocers as the produce was super fresh, organic and inexpensive (compared to Singaporean prices). The kitchen is full sized with plenty of storage area.

The staff was very helpful. The night clerk intentionally set an alarm to wake up at our arrival (1am) to register us. He was still in good spirits and marked a map for our breakfast options. I left a USB behind and the staff had it set aside for me the next day when we were back in the area. They had great suggestions for food and ways to explore their city. A huge plus are the bicycles on site which are available for use.

My favorite memory of Be Fremantle is the view from the kitchen through the living room into the marina. I wish I could have that view everyday while cooking at home. This made the vacation feel like a real retreat from day-to-day life.

The only drawback for us was the noise level at night. We wanted to have the windows open to enjoy the ocean breeze. However, a unit a few down was having a nice sized party on their outdoor balcony. It probably ended around midnight-1am. A “Quiet Time” policy would help this in the future.

Amy C Austin, Texas January 16, 2017